Hear from
Our Parents

Tiny Fins has inspired our family to take a deeper dive into water safety and to understand how drowning actually happens. We learned that there are multiple layers required to protect our children but survival swim is the very most important thing we can do to keep our children safe around water. Ensuring they have the ability to swim and to self rescue, starting at age one is on the top of our priority list.

Believing in our babies has been such a special experience for us. We have been so proud watching them learn to independently roll onto their back, float, and breathe when they are in the water. We see how proud our daughter is when she learns a new skill and love watching her self esteem build before our eyes.

We are so blessed to have Tiny Fins Survival Swim teaching our daughter and son how to self rescue while having fun. Our children have learned how to respect the water. We are so grateful for a program that evolves with our children week to week to equip them in the event of a water accident no matter their age or need.”

– Gary & Jessica Wood | Nixa, Missouri

“Tiny Fins is an amazing gem in our community. Not only is it LITERALLY life saving for children, but they are getting involved in getting more awareness out to all of the community on water safety for children.

My personal experience was watching my 1 year old be able to safely float on his own after only 6 weeks. What an exceptional program!!”

– Chelayne | Springfield, Missouri

“The best thing I have ever done was put my 16-month-old boys through the survival swim program.

Although they had reservations and often cried initially, they are both so confident in the water now. Best of all, I feel more at ease when I see them playing in or around water because I know what they are capable of- they can swim and float to survive if they had to. We have continued to build and maintain our swimming, surviving skills, and muscle memory over the past 2 years by taking maintenance lessons weekly.

They love swimming and always look forward to lessons. We can’t thank Mrs. Hayden enough for her patience and time she has poured into our boys.”


– Shannon | Nixa, Missouri

“Tiny Fins is 100% worth your time and money. I am so thankful for Mrs. Hayden and her staff. Everyone is so friendly, and welcoming; they truly care about their kiddos.My daughter absolutely loves her lessons with Mrs. Hayden! Before Tiny Fins, I was incredibly anxious about my little one being in the water, and learning to swim.

We looked into other swim lessons, but I knew I wanted her to learn how to survive if she ever was in a situation where she fell in. Just in a short time, she learned how to float , and now she can jump in and get to her float right away. I’m so glad that we chose Tiny Fins! Now I feel confident when my daughter is in the water. I am so incredibly thankful for that ease as a parent.

– Lauren | Rogersville, Missouri